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...more ethics is more aestethics...

If you are interested in our qualifications and professional experience, you can go to Imbro e Staro associati - curriculum or to personal pages of Cristina Imbro' and Stefano Staro.
With the page images of the cover and the portfolio we show suggestions about our expressive language and our vision.

Philosophy 1 - 2 - 3

Our aim was and is to form a community of research and project, an open laboratory where converge ideas, experiences, languages, professionals, artists, developers, users. Architecture and the arts meet the needs of humans to inhabit the environment, modify it, where necessary, and safeguarding it, but above all discovering and expanding the horizon of meaning and significance. The firm is therefore oriented to design concept, which is spread through competitions, innovative proposals, prototypes, applying, where possible, the method of community planning, supported by a structure, Eutechnet, that offers technical services and develops the project until production.

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Cristina Imbrò e Stefano Staro